ANALYSIS: The Left Said It Wouldn’t Trust The Trump Vaccine. Now They’re Shaming The Unvaccinated

(Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

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Public figures on the left spent months saying that they wouldn’t trust a vaccine produced under former President Donald Trump’s administration, but are now shaming people who say they won’t take the vaccine.

MSNBC host Joy Reid said multiple times that she would not trust a vaccine made by Trump or his “politicized” Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In one tweet she mocked “Operation Warp Speed,” the effort that the Trump administration made in order to get a vaccine made as fast as possible.

“Frankly, the fact that Pfizer was not part of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ and took no Trump government funding makes me feel better about their vaccine,” she said. “Just speaking for myself, I wouldn’t go near anything that Trump or his politicized FDA had anything to do with.”

Another tweet from Reid asked why “any sensible person” would “take a vaccine Trump had anything to do with.” She also asked why anyone “would ever fully trust” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Reid later came out and supported “vaccine-only access” to certain businesses and said “anti-vaxxers” who are on ventilators and regret not getting vaccinated have “quite delicate feelings.”

CNN host Brian Stelter made fun of Trump for touting “the promises of yet-to-be-approved vaccines as his panacea” during the pandemic.

But later, Stelter posted content about “vaccinated Americans feeling “betrayed” by unvaccinated “neighbors” and quoted an article from The Atlantic claiming that unvaccinated people were behaving “willfully and spitefully.” (RELATED: ‘Arrogant, Selfish, Reckless’: Geraldo Rivera Says He Thinks Less Of Unvaccinated People)

Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly said that she would not trust a vaccine created under the Trump administration. But once in office, she spent significant time encouraging people to get the vaccine.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow quoted a Washington Post article that stated: “Trump has plotted with his team on a pre-election promotional campaign to try to convince voters a vaccine is safe, approved and ready for mass distribution — even if none of that is true yet.”

She later revealed on her show that she saw maskless people as a threat and assumed “you are selfish or you are a COVID denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated” if you don’t wear a mask. Maddow said she would have to “rewire her brain” to stop perceiving people this way.