Psaki Says We’re Not Going Back To Lockdowns — But Doesn’t Completely Rule Them Out

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a Monday briefing that the country wouldn’t be going back to the lockdowns of 2020, but didn’t rule out some sort of shutdown.

A reporter asked about President Joe Biden’s comments when he told Americans to expect more COVID-19 restrictions. She asked what possibilities the administration is considering in terms of restrictions.

Psaki said that Biden is “keeping the option open” so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other entities can make recommendations about “what’s needed to keep the American people safe.” The press secretary noted that she is “not in a position to preview” what the groups might recommend in terms of restrictions and shutdowns.

“We’ve been clear we are not going back to the shutdowns of March of 2020,” she said. “We are not going back to the economy shutting down. We’ve made too much progress.” (RELATED: Politicians Reverse Course On Coronavirus Restrictions After Months Of Strict Lockdowns)

Psaki reiterated the progress on vaccinating as many people as possible and once again pointed out the economic progress since the March 2020 lockdowns.

“Too many people are vaccinated. There’s been too much progress on the economic front,” she added. “But again, he has said from the beginning that we are going to be guided by the science, guided by our public health experts, and we’re not going to take options off the table.”