Geraldo Rivera Says Cuomo Should Stick It Out: ‘Al Franken Is The Ghost That Should Haunt People’ Jumping The Gun

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Geraldo Rivera said Tuesday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should stay in office and attempt to weather the storm.

Rivera joined Fox News’ “The Five” to discuss Democratic New York Attorney Gen. Letitia James’ announcement that independent investigators had concluded Cuomo was guilty of sexually harassing multiple women and of violating state and federal laws.


Rivera began by saying that he agreed with cohost Katie Pavlich, who said that Cuomo might survive the scandal simply because he was a Democrat and if he refused to resign long enough the public would likely lose interest.

“First of all, I agree with Katie’s analysis, absolutely. I think she had it nailed,” Rivera replied. “Al Franken is the ghost that should haunt people pulling the trigger already.”

Rivera went on to say that the investigation report was not a legal document but a political one, suggesting that James was angling for Cuomo’s job herself.

“She is absolutely furiously longing for Andrew Cuomo’s job,” he said, adding, “I’m not saying that the allegations are false, I make no judgment about that.”

“I want people to know this is not proof. This is politics,” Rivera continued, noting that Cuomo came from a political family that had already weathered a number of storms.

“Now comes the legal process. He has due process rights just like everybody else, and I would urge him as Katie did to tough it out, make your case, prove — you don’t have to prove your innocence, but prove that these allegations against you are false,” he concluded. “I give him at least 50/50.”