‘It’s Just Making Him More Powerful’: Meghan McCain Warns Democrats That Attacking DeSantis Could Create A 2024 Monster


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain warned Democrats that attacking Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was not a wise course of action.

McCain noted on Thursday’s broadcast of “The View” that DeSantis was hugely popular in his home state and among Republicans in general, arguing that the continued attacks against him were only likely to make him “more powerful.” (RELATED: ‘Do Your Job’: DeSantis Flames Biden, Says ‘I Don’t Want To Hear A Blip About COVID From You’)


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked whether the response to COVID-19 would ultimately be a “reckoning” for leaders of all political stripes, and McCain immediately pointed to President Joe Biden’s drop in approval on that issue.

“Americans’ approval rating of President Biden’s handling of the coronavirus in May was at 65% and July it’s at 53%. It’s a pretty big leap down,” she said. “So people can place blame on people like Ron DeSantis and [Republican Arkansas Gov.] Asa Hutchinson and whoever else, but the buck does stop with the president.”

McCain went on to note that attacks against DeSantis might not have the desired effect.

“In regards to Ron DeSantis, he’s such a target for the left right now. Everybody should keep attacking him because it’s just making him more powerful and more likely to be the nominee for president,” she said. “He knows what he’s doing, and he has popularity because of the way he’s handled mask mandates and freedoms and opening up the beaches in Florida.”

McCain went on to say that policies like those DeSantis implemented in Florida were among the reasons people were fleeing Democratic-led cities and landing in red states.

“There’s not an exodus,” she said, “If there’s not a problem.”