Transgender YouTuber Arrested For Allegedly Raping 79-Year-Old Mother


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A Virginia transgender woman was arrested for allegedly raping a 79-year-old woman, according to a press release.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said they were notified July 31 of an incestuous “sex crime” committed by YouTuber Christine Weston Chandler in Ruckersville, which led the department to issue an arrest warrant, according to a press release. The following day, the Henrico Police Department located and arrested the 39-year-old for allegedly raping their own 79-year-old mother, who is believed to have dementia.

Chandler reportedly admitted to the crime on a nine-minute phone call with an unidentified friend days before the arrest, KVIA ABC-7 News reported. Chandler said Barbara “made the first move” which led the two relatives to kiss one another, according to the outlet.

The Sheriff’s Office said Chandler resides in the Central Virginia Regional Jail without bond on charges of felony incest, according to the report. Chandler was later additionally charged with Adultery/Fornication, according to an Henrico Police Department arrest report.  Chandler’s charges carry a potential 12-year prison sentence, according to KVIA ABC-7.

Despite being a biological male, the Henrico Police Department categorized Chandler as a female and is currently housed with 59 female inmates at the prison, according to the Daily Mail. Formerly known as Chris Chan, the YouTuber came out as transgender in 2014. (RELATED: Transgender Prisoner Assaults Four Women Days After He Was Jailed) 

Footage showed Chandler cuffed outside where the YouTuber spoke to Internet show host Ethan Ralph, host of  the internet series “Killstream,” the outlet reported.

“I am compliant, I am good like this,” Chandler told Ralph. “I am Chris Chan Sonichu, you Goddess Blue Heart and I continue to stand along and I maintain everything with my CWCville Sonichu and Rosechu and everybody.”

The YouTuber creates figurines based off of a comic book character he created named “Sonichu,” an illustrated combination of  Pikachu and Sonic, the outlet reported.

In April, 261 California prison inmates requested transfers to prisons aligning with their gender identity. The state, along with Massachusetts and Connecticut, require a prisoner to be housed in a facility of their individual preference.

In 2018, the Trump administration rolled back Obama-era regulations that allowed transgender inmates to be housed based on their gender identity to being based on “biological sex.”

President Joe Biden’s administration said it is “unconstitutional” to put a transgender woman in a male prison in response to a lawsuit regarding a transgender woman prisoner that claimed that male prisoners assaulted her 14 times and that she was denied hormone therapy, according to the California Coalition of Women Prisoners.

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