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Elias Nickolaos On How Cryptocurrency Became Volatile Amidst The Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact, especially in the financial sector. There have been losses incurred in other business while some it has been their peak period. Generally, we can say the pandemic has had both negative and positive impact on the industry.

Elias Nickolaos, a crypto trader since 2017, shares with us his take on how the pandemic has affected cryptocurrency markets. Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, at just 21 years, Elias has taken the business industry by storm and earned himself a spot at the high table as a top entrepreneur. He has so far invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several stock portfolios that he manages.

According to Elias Nickolaos, early last year, when the pandemic hit, a lot of investors started liquidating their shares into cash. At the time, many people were losing jobs, and there was panic then came lockdown, and people had to do bulk shopping. This is among the many factors that led to a lower price index in the cryptocurrency market.

However, as months passed, Bitcoin, among others, have been able to pick up the pace and, in fact, has attracted more investors. The pandemic is still with us, and most people are still jobless, which has forced them to turn into the online market to look for greener pastures. The price has so far recovered with various markets indicating a positive figure.

The world has had a major technological evolution. With internet connectivity, almost in every part cryptocurrency as a form of investment will become a major deal in the industry, especially with most governments warming up to the idea of cryptocurrency and curbing scammers. When you enter into something you are passionate about, you give it your all. Elias Nickolaos has always loved online investments, and he is determined to continue growing himself as a brand in the online market.

Having a positive mindset is very important; Elias Nickolaos has learnt to turn every negativity into positivity and use his past scars as a driving force to the person he is becoming. He is also planning to enter the music scene and roll up a program to shed light on the youth on the issue of cryptocurrency and stock market squeezes.

Online investment is the new norm, do your research, understand the market and make investments. It is especially crucial now that digital payments are starting a currency shift.