Marine Veteran Joey Jones Blasts ‘Garbage Politician’ Lori Lightfoot: Police Know ‘She Doesn’t Honor And Respect Their Sacrifice’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Marine veteran and Fox Nation host Joey Jones said Thursday that Chicago police officers knew Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn’t have their backs.

On Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” Jones referred to Lightfoot as a “garbage politician” and said that she did not “honor and respect” the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers in her city. (RELATED: ‘What A Terrible Thing To Say!’: Kayleigh McEnany Torches Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Anti-Masker Rant)


Cohost Kayleigh McEnany turned to Jones with the story of fallen Chicago police officer Ella French, shot at a traffic stop just after she returned to duty from maternity leave, and the fact that French’s fellow officers had turned their backs on Lightfoot.

“Whether she likes it or not Lori Lightfoot is the face of the anti-police sentiment,” McEnany said.

“Yeah, this is a garbage politician. This is not a leader,” Jones replied. “This someone who has an entire police force who knows she doesn’t honor and respect their sacrifice they may pay any minute.”

Jones went on to address reports that Lightfoot’s second in command had attempted to deny French the traditional bagpipe sendoff for fallen officers — a decision Lightfoot’s office said was based on the medical examiner’s COVID-19 protocols.

“As probably the only one on this program right now who understands how important it is to honor your brother and sister when they’ve fallen beside you, I can tell you that this decision by her and her second in command will be felt in every community those police officers work in. Every single citizen in that city is now at jeopardy of not having the security they deserve because of how she’s treated that police force,’ Jones continued.

“Lori Lightfoot is not a leader leader. She is an excuse maker and a vindictive politician who holds people under her command in contempt. That’s disgusting!” Jones concluded.