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How Content Creator Chelsea Justine Mimms Uses Her Platform To Empower Women

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Canadian blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer Chelsea Justine Mimms has always loved helping others build their self-confidence. She is known as Chelsea on her social media pages, and she uses her content to empower women and inspire young moms like herself to be their most authentic selves. Chelsea also shares motherhood tips and her passion for beauty across all social media platforms.

Most people are unaware that Chelsea had a difficult path to becoming the successful content creator she is today. Whenever she tried to share her passion for being a content creator in her youth, she was faced with a lot of discouragement. Chelsea grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where most people her age did not consider careers in social media to be a viable option.

Pursuing a career as a creative content maker would mean that Chelsea would be going against the norm. She also feared a possible backlash from her friends and even her family as she was expected to establish a typical professional career. For this reason, Chelsea attended Brock University to pursue a degree in which she had no interest.

To exercise her true desire, Chelsea created videos for school projects as a young girl, which made her school life more fun and exciting. She was also interested in fashion and beauty at a young age, so she honed her skills in these areas. These activities gave Chelsea the confidence to finally pursue what she had always desired and felt fulfilled by.

After years of secretly creating content and posting to her page, Chelsea finally found the courage to make her works public by sharing her own YouTube channel. During the early years of her channel, her peers were the only ones who watched her videos. She now has over 18 thousand subscribers on the platform, thanks to her content sharing her journey about becoming a mom.

Chelsea felt ecstatic about becoming a wife and a mom, so she chose this aspect of her life as the focus of her content. As a result, she can inspire countless mothers worldwide who can relate to the ups and downs of being a first-time mother. Aside from the raw and real things she shares on motherhood, Chelsea keeps fashion and beauty as regular topics on her channel.

With the growth of her channel, Chelsea began exploring other social media platforms to expand her audience and inspire more women. Currently, she has built a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and is just starting out on TikTok. Aside from having thousands of YouTube subscribers, Chelsea has gained close to 46 thousand Instagram followers.

The strongest message Chelsea wants her fans to follow is to be unapologetically themselves. She also advises to avoid anybody who will judge someone for doing things that make them happy. Chelsea plans to expand her market from creating content on social media to creating her fashion brand. She plans to do this to empower more women to feel confident in who they are.

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