Marine Gives Water To Thirsty Afghan Children Amid Chaos At Kabul Airport, Helps Provide Brief Moment Of Smiling

[Twitter:Screenshot:Daniel Newman]

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In a video viewed hundreds of thousands of times, a U.S. Marine is seen giving thirsty Afghan children water, providing the world with a brief moment of humanity amidst chaos at what appears to be the Kabul Airport.

The unidentified Marine is seen crouching amongst several young Afghan children and a few adults when he playfully tells an Afghan child to open their mouth. He then shares his water with the child before giving several other children a drink.

It is unclear when the video was taken and the Daily Caller has reached out to the Department of Defense to confirm when and where this video is from. (RELATED: US Troops Kill Two Armed Men Amid Chaos At Kabul Airport)

The airport has been the center of chaos, with a Monday gunfight leaving one Afghan dead and three injured, according to German military forces. A sniper shot and killed a member of the Afghan security force who was trying to secure the area, prompting Afghan forces to fire back but in the direction of U.S. Marines who then returned fire, CNN reported.

Desperation has engulfed the airport, with a recent video appearing to show an Afghan baby being handed over a wall at the Kabul airport by a mother trying to flee the Taliban.