‘He Kept His Promise To The Taliban’: Tom Cotton Blasts Biden For Breaking His Promise To Americans

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said Tuesday that President Joe Biden had made good on his promise to the Taliban while leaving Americans behind.

Cotton joined Fox News host Harris Faulkner to discuss Monday’s announcement that the final plane carrying American service members had left Afghanistan — and Biden’s plan to address the nation later in the day. (RELATED: Tom Cotton Helps Afghan Americans Get Home After Media Matters President Laughed At Idea Senator Could Possibly Help)


“There has been much talk about how to get the remaining Americans and Afghan citizens who helped our American military out for years and years. How we get them out of there safely,” Faulkner said, noting that Pentagon press secretary  John Kirby had described the administration as “heartbroken but committed,” and asking, “Is that enough?”

“No, Harris, it is not. It’s nice to be heartbroken. Better to be committed to getting everyone out like Joe Biden said he was,” Cotton replied. “He promised the Taliban America would leave by August 31. Joe Biden promised American citizens in Afghanistan he would stay until he got them out. When the rubber hit the road, Joe Biden kept his promise to the Taliban and broke his promise to Americans.”

Faulkner went on to point out that the Biden administration continued to press the idea that some American citizens had chosen not to leave Afghanistan, adding, “You helped people get back from there recently. Are we left to believe that people want to be there?”

“I think this is an example of the Biden administration saying, ‘Who will you believe, us or your lying eyes and ears?'” Cotton responded, saying that he was in contact with a number who had been trying to get out to no avail.

Cotton added that there might be a few who had legitimately wanted to remain in Afghanistan, but he called that number “a fig leaf behind which the Biden administration is hiding to break the promise to citizens in Afghanistan that we would stay until we got them out. We didn’t do that and it’s shameful.”