At Least 100 Afghan Evacuees Flagged For Terrorist Ties

Cristina Quicler/AFP via Getty Images

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Approximately 100 Afghan refugees looking to enter the U.S. were flagged for terrorist ties, NBC News reported.

Out of the 100, two were escalated for an additional review. More than 30,000 evacuees from Afghanistan were trying to gain access to the United States, according to NBC News. Out of these 30,000, about 10,000 needed additional screening as of Friday.

“A lot of people were moved very quickly and the intelligence community has been working hard to evaluate whether any of them pose a threat,” said a senior federal law enforcement official.

“Some of the vetting occurs while they are overseas, and some of it occurs here … We are not going to allow people to intentionally be released into the community if they have unresolved derogatory information.” (RELATED: US General Speculates That ‘Vast Majority’ Of Afghans Transported To Military Sites Are Refugees, Not Visa Holders)

The Daily Caller previously reported that any person flagged because of terrorist ties is immediately prevented from entering the United States.

Such people are subjected to an additional round of more comprehensive screening. In August, a Pentagon official stated that the number of refugees suspected of questionable connections, such as connections to attacks against the United States or coalition forces, is “0.5% or more.” President Joe Biden stated in an interview that between 50,000 to 65,000 Afghans need to be evacuated. This means that between 250-325 of them could be flagged, if the aforementioned ratio remains valid, according to previous reporting.