REPORT: The Big 12 Might Target BYU, UCF, Cincinnati And Houston For Expansion

Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Big 12 is reportedly targeting multiple teams for expansion.

According to ESPN, the conference is taking a look at BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston as possible new league members after Oklahoma and Texas agreed to go to the SEC(RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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It’s possible that invites could be extended to the four programs during the current football season. BYU is believed to be the Big 12’s top target, according to the same report.


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The reality of the situation is that the Big 12 is kind of screwed no matter what. They can add all the smaller programs they want, but it won’t change the fact they’re not even close to the same level the other power conferences are on.

We went from having the P5 to having the P4, and there’s nothing the Big 12 can do to change that fact.

The Big 12 will become pretty irrelevant the moment Oklahoma and Texas officially leave for the SEC. Once that happens, we’re talking about a depleted and forgotten league.

I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m saying it because it’s true. They can add all four teams mentioned above and it still won’t bring them anywhere near the remaining power conferences.

Football has always been a sport of the haves and have nots. The Big 12 is now in the latter group and there’s nothing that can be done to change that.