‘Its Not Babysitting, It Needs To Be Education’: Mothers Concerned Their Kids ‘Will Keep Falling Behind’ If Schools Close Again

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Two Texas mothers appeared on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to voice their concerns about schools potentially shutting down again, Fox News reported.

The mothers’ concern came after a nearby elementary school returned to remote learning as dozens of students were infected with COVID-19, Fox News reported.

“We are afraid that our school is going to shut down and we are not going to have a place for our children to go and get their proper education and will keep falling behind,” said Lauren McDonough, according to Fox News. “It’s not babysitting. It needs to be education,” she continued, according to Fox News.

“Shutting down school and sending 20% of healthy children home to learn from an iPad just isn’t acceptable,” said Racheal Potter, according to Fox News.

Potter also voiced her concern about families who may not have childcare options. “I am not as concerned about my personal family. The demographic at my son’s elementary school is the one that has me worried… I am worried about the kids that rely on school breakfast and lunch to feed them specifically at my school,” said Racheal Potter, according to Fox News.

Parents across the country are concerned that their children will fall behind academically since at least 1,000 schools have closed due to a recent rise in cases, according to Fox News. (RELATED: Parents Flee Public Schools As Anti-Science School Closings Continue)

The two mothers attended a school board meeting to express their frustration. “Your job is to find a proper place for them to have their education,” said McDonough, according to Fox News. “Get back in your lane and let me be the parent.”