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Why R&D Is the One Area You Must Never Skimp on While Launching a New Product, As Per Dr. Kami Parsa

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Dr. Kami Parsa has made a name for creating various surgical techniques and procedures. In the process of developing these solutions, he learned the importance of research and development.

Launching a new product is an opportunity to set your brand apart from others. It can show your innovativeness and dedication to improve the lives of your patients or customers. In Dr. Parsa’s experience, R&D is a crucial step. This process begins with research into an area in the industry that requires innovation. For example, Dr. Parsa noticed that there was no procedure to effectively target all three parts of lower eyelid aging. There were individual treatments but no single surgical procedure. This was the result of research into the industry he was already familiar with.

From there, he used his experience, knowledge, and skill to create the Trifecta lift. This lift fills the needs, targeting lower eyelid bags, the skin, and volume loss. Further R&D led him to take this a step further and create the Quadfecta lift that also addresses the upper eyelid. Of course, the extensive R&D also helped ensure that the surgical techniques were effective. This allows Dr. Parsa to give his clients the results they expect.

After developing the product, more R&D is still necessary. This portion explores what clients want out of the procedure, as well as their likely questions. In the example of the Trifecta and Quadfecta surgical techniques, the research led to the creation of a FAQ section on his website. He also learned that patients wanted videos and written information. As a result, Dr. Parsa has videos explaining the process in more detail, both on his website and on Instagram.

The Trifecta and Quadfecta surgical techniques are far from the only experience Dr. Parsa has in launching new products. He also created the duplex procedure. This is an innovative approach to tighten the skin using two different technologies: CO2 laser and fractionated radiofrequency. Like his other new products, Dr. Kami Parsa created the duplex technique following extensive R&D. That process also confirmed that while the duplex process is great for many patients, sometimes a single one of the procedures alone will be better for a patient.

Based on his experience developing procedures and surgical techniques, Dr. Kami Parsa understands the importance of R&D. He encourages other brands to use it to find a need to fill and create an effective product to address that need.