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Flavors Grill: An Incredible Story of Passion for Reigniting Traditional Cooking & Foster Sustainability

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The United Emirates draws a massive amount of visitors every year. People from across the globe travel there to experience the sights and sounds of bustling cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. While immersing themselves in these culturally rich cities, people seek ways to discover its bygone traditions and explore the traditional food that these cities offer. Given that the UAE is a country that is host to over two hundred different nationalities that are all living and working together, it offers a melting pot of cultures to explore.

Within the historic port of Mina Zayed lies a unique dining experience that is restoring the traditions of this famous trading hub. Since 2018, Flavors Grill has been reigniting ancient cooking traditions while remaining sustainable and authentic.

A restaurant that cooks without electricity or gas, Flavors Grill instead uses ancient cooking methods that are seeped into the history of its surroundings to evoke a more sustainable time when the journey that food took from land to table was a much shorter one. Flavors Grill operates without refrigerators, indicating that all food cooked on the premise has come straight from local markets.

“The passion for authenticity and tradition that Flavors Grill champions is expressed through its live cooking,” shares Flavors Grill founder chef Nabeel Hassan. Performed directly in front of patrons on open wood fire grills, the restaurant shows how their sustainably sourced food is cooked. From its location to its fresh ingredients, Flavors Grill is reigniting long-forgotten cuisines and tastes.

According to chef Nabeel, the restaurant was built on a desire to keep these tastes and traditions alive. He says, “Flavors Grill offers more than food, it offers you an immersive experience that restores and showcases past cooking traditions, and it does so authentically and sustainably.”

The legacy of traditional cooking and fresh produce that chef Nabeel Hassan created has now expanded to include a location in the iconic metropolis of Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is constantly expanding and has a culinary culture that is worth exploring. Within this culture, Flavors Grill perfectly encapsulates the contrasting beauty of modernity meeting tradition. Through its unique dining experience, Flavors Grill allows you to taste the past while experiencing the modern world of the UAE.