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From Humble Beginnings to Earning Huge Success as an Outstanding Talent Across Industries – Meet Aron Marquez Founder of Black Quail Apparel

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Aron’s passion, mixed with his commitment to work, helped him turn into a learned individual.

A closer look around us will let us know how different fields and industries have been on a constant rise from the last few years. Of course, technological advances are a great contributor to their success, but one cannot run away from the fact that certain passionate individuals have shown true spirit and tenacity in taking those industries to the ‘next level’. Some of them have attained such success in their respective chosen industry, while some others have gone ahead in making it huge across different industries. Serving as one of the best examples of such professionals is Aron Marquez. This man is much more than what meets the eye and truly enthralls people with his outstanding talents and zealousness.

Ask him what drove him towards becoming this multi-skilled professional and an inspiring personality, and he quickly replies, saying, “The mere idea to create something different, something that can provide value to people, and something that can help me stand apart from the rest of the world excited me. Hence, after working with Nabors Industries and attaining the position of a District Manager, responsible for Nabors Well Servicing’s operations in West Texas and New Mexico, I started St Andrews Royalties, LLC and Wildcat Oil Tools, LLC.” Adding further, he said, “I have never looked back since then, where I even grew Wildcat Oil Tools to many different locations in the US, Middle East and South America.”

From his life in Ojinaga, Mexico, to creating his successful journey in the US, graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Aron Marquez says that he learned many things along his journey. Each day was a learning experience for him; he confesses and thus could create so much success in all that he chose to do in his career.

He holds the position of a co-founder at Flecha Azul Tequila, launching the firm at the start of the pandemic that turned so successful that the nation’s largest distributor, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, approached them to begin carrying the brand. Ombré Men is another venture of his as the co-founder, which is a men’s wellness brand that carefully formulates products, focusing on sustainability, negating the global plastic waste problem, ensuring that their packaging is produced of glass, aluminum and other sustainable materials.

Soon, he jumped into the clothing niche and became the CEO of Black Quail Apparel LLC, offering premium golfing and leisure apparel. This man, who initially has served on the Midland YMCA Board, the Midland Community Hospital Advisors Board, and the United Way of Odessa Board and is now on the First Tee of West Texas Board. He is also involved in several non-profit organizations in his community and has become a success story looked up by many across the world.

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