‘Joe Sucks!’: Biden Gets Booed At Congressional Baseball Game

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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Fans at the Congressional Baseball Game booed President Joe Biden after he made an unexpected appearance at the Wednesday event.

The GOP side of the stadium exploded in boos, with some spectators shouting, “Joe sucks,” when Biden, wearing a Beau Biden Foundation hat, was escorted to the field, according to The New York Post.

The president then moved to the third-base dugout, where he had an exchange with the members of the Democratic team. At the dugout, Biden also spoke with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, The New York Post reported.

After chatting with the Democrats, Biden also greeted the GOP lawmakers at the first-base dugout. While there, he reportedly faced more booing from the fans of the Republican team. (RELATED: Biden Hands Out Ice Cream At Baseball Game While Infrastructure Negotiations Intensify)

The Republican team hit an out-of-the-park home run, securing a 13-12 win over the Democrats a few moments after the president left the field.

Biden had cancelled a planned Wednesday trip to Chicago, choosing instead to remain in Washington to push a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill through a key House vote.

Democrats’ intra-party divide has threatened Biden’s economic agenda, with moderates like Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin criticizing the $3.5 reconciliation deal and progressives pledging to withhold their support for the infrastructure bill if the larger package is not passed.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill has already passed through the Senate and only requires House approval before going to Biden’s desk, while the larger package will require a Senate vote following House negotiations.