‘Live To Fight Another Day’: Former Democrat Rep. Wonders Why His Party Won’t ‘Grab’ Infrastructure And Take The Win

(Screenshot/Fox News)

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Former Democratic Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. urged his party Sunday to “grab the victory” in front of them by consolidating around the infrastructure bill instead of “overreaching.”

Ford appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” where he said he was “surprised that some in Congress are not looking at the long game in a more serious way.”

The former congressman then supported Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who has held that the far-left’s demands do not match the narrow majority the Democrats enjoy in Congress.

“When you have a narrow majority and you have a president who was elected because he was competent and a real answer to the president before … you don’t go overreaching,” Ford addressed his fellow Democrats. “Grab the victory in front of you and live to fight another day.”


“The American people are losing trust in Washington and its ability to understand their problems, answer their problems and project for the future,” he added. (RELATED: ‘Inexcusable’: Kyrsten Sinema Accuses House Democrats Of Holding Infrastructure Bill Hostage)

Ford then went on to blame Democrats’ party divide for “adding confusion” by preventing the passage of a popular measure such as the infrastructure bill.

“Pass the infrastructure bill first!,” he said, suggesting that the party can then “come back” to outline the areas more government spending.