William Shatner Has Just Four Words For Anyone Who Says He’s Too Old For Space Flight

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Legendary actor William Shatner has made it clear that he’s unimpressed with those who believe he is too old, at 90, for a space flight with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin crew.

Shatner joined Fox News host Neil Cavuto to discuss his upcoming flight, why he chose Blue Origin over Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and what he said to people who were concerned that he was “too old” for a space flight. (RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Be A ‘Rocket Man’: 90-Year-Old Legendary Sci-Fi Actor Heading To Space)


“Congratulations. William Shatner,” Cavuto began, noting that Shatner had turned down a flight with Branson only to accept an offer to fly with Bezos. “Why the Bezos rocket over Richard Branson’s?”

“Well, it’s not that I don’t love each of those billionaires, but it’s because the opportunity presented itself,” Shatner replied with a laugh, adding that he had been very impressed with Bezos’ vision for the Blue Origin program. “This is let’s build now and start right now to protect our planet.”

“You’ve heard this more than you care to, Mr. Shatner, that at 90 years young, you’re the oldest human being up to this point to travel into space,” Cavuto continued, asking about his answer to that question over the weekend.

“When you were peppered with that question, you had said over the weekend, ‘I’m bloody Captain Kirk,'” he began. “Yet all they’re focusing on, including this questioner, is your age. What do you think of that?”

Shatner went on to note that the main concern with regard to age was that he be able to get in and out of the seat without assistance. He noted that, while gravity was a factor, it was a chore. “But it’s designed to float out of the seat and be weightless,” he added.

“Yeah, that should be cool,” Cavuto agreed.