Is William Shatner As Young As People Think? He’s Revealed His Actual Age

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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William Shatner definitely got everyone’s attention when he joked about how the press has “lied” for years about his age and then revealed he recently turned 90 years old.

Yes, you read that correctly. It happened during the legendary sci-fi actor’s interview with the Guardian while he joked he’s actually a lot younger than what people read about in the press. The comments appeared in the outlet in a piece published Thursday.(RELATED: William Shatner Calls Out Facebook For Fake Story About His Death)

“Ninety?! A lie! Who told you that, CNN?” Shatner replied. “The press has spread this ridiculous [rumor]. I’m 55.” (RELATED: Here’s Why William Shatner Didn’t Show Up To Spock’s Funeral)

And for those hard core “Star Trek” fans who are doing the math, Shatner first appeared in the original TV series 55 years ago so it is clear he couldn’t be.

“Oh, OK,” the superstar actor then added. “Then I’ll admit to being 90.”

And as far as how does he keep that youthful appearance, the “Boston Legal” star said there’s no “secret potions,” he just lives life to the fullest.

“Ha! Well, I don’t have any secret potions,” Shatner explained. “It must be genetic. I ride a lot of horses and I’m into the bewilderment of the world, so I open my heart and head into the curiosity of how things work.”

“Yes, I’m a competitive rider in an equine skill called reining,” he added. “I don’t know if you know it, but it’s very athletic and cowboyish.”

At one point, the “Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan” star also revealed there wasn’t any advice he would give to his younger self if he could.

“Here’s an interesting answer!” William said. “I’m glad I didn’t know because what you know at 90 is: take it easy, nothing matters in the end, what goes up must come down. If I’d known that at 20, I wouldn’t have done anything!”