Murder Suspect Asks Trial Judge To Officiate His Wedding

Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A murder suspect in Pennsylvania asked the presiding judge in his murder trial Tuesday to officiate his upcoming wedding.

Kashawn Flowers’ lawyer Brian Perry asked Judge Harry Ness if he would officiate Flowers’ upcoming wedding, reported Fox 43. Perry said it was the first time he had ever asked for such a request.

Prosecutors and the judge did not object to the request, Fox 43 reported. However, the judge said Flowers would have to wait until after the trial. (RELATED: Bride Dies During Hindu Wedding, Sister Jumps In And Marries Groom On The Spot)

Flowers is accused of shooting and killing Hezekiah Walker on Aug. 18, 2014, according to Fox 43. Flowers later told associates about the murder, which police found out about through recorded statements.

“Flowers advised that he saw the victim walking alone and asked him what side he was from and the victim eventually said he (was) from out west,” York City Detective Anthony Fetrow said in the complaint, Fox 43 reported. “The associate knew about the beef between the South Side and the West Side. Flowers admitted to shooting the victim in the head and said he was happy about it.”