Tucker Explains Where He Thinks The ‘Massive Gender Divide’ Actually Is

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller co-founder and Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that there is a “massive gender divide” in the current workforce on a Wednesday episode of the Daily Caller podcast, “Vince And Jason Save The Nation.”

Carlson said that changes in the economy over the last several years have led to men lacking full-time employment while the women kept their jobs and were earning higher sums of money.

“I watched as all the jobs went away for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because of trade agreements, and none of the men had full-time employment,” Carlson said. “Most of the women still did, they worked in hospitals and schools. But the traditionally male — and there’s a massive gender divide in work, no one wants to say it, but especially in blue-collar work, there’s a massive divide.”

“And where I live, the men all worked in the woods cutting down trees and sending them to pulp mills to make paper. And those jobs disappeared. So what happened was men started to make less than women and women didn’t want to get married because women in general don’t want to marry men who make less than they do,” he continued.

The Daily Caller co-founder said that the economic situation led couples to having children without marrying, causing the same “social pathologies” that are present in America’s inner cities. He said the results included drugs and single-parent households.

“This has to do with economics. If the men can’t make enough, families don’t form,” Carlson said. “It’s kind of that simple. So this isn’t an ideological point, it’s not a left-right point, it’s just a true point.” (RELATED: Tucker Reveals What Changed His Position On Economics) 

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show host said that feminist groups criticized him for making these points on the air and that there are many sociological studies to back it up. He also said that government intervention, namely global trade agreements, negatively impacts the “family structure” in the black and white communities.

Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese pointed to a recent study indicating that the likelihood of women staying in a marriage or marrying at all is based on her husband’s income. The study revealed that men are less likely to consider their wife’s income as a factor in their relationship.

Jason Nichols argued that the inverse relationship regarding men and women’s views on income is “socially constructed” rather than “biological.” He said that patriarchy has existed throughout history, which may play a factor in these results.

Several studies conducted throughout the years have shown that marriages tend to struggle when the wife is the breadwinner, with a 50% higher chance of divorce, according to Kiplinger. According to a 2015 study by Psychology Today, 15% of men with breadwinner wives cheated on their spouse.