WATCH: Fauci Vs. Dave Chappelle

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Have you seen the Fauci documentary on NatGeo?

What about the Dave Chappelle special on Netflix?

Before you watch either, here’s my latest ranty review of both:

You have almost certainly seen the ratings for both of these shows posted online. They have been going around Twitter and Facebook like STDs at a frat party.

Real Americans did not enjoy the Fauci documentary. I can see why. That the critics loved this boring word-vomit which focused more on the AIDS and Ebola epidemics than COVID did not surprise me. The largely liberal critical media has to support Fauci, no matter the context.

The most notable reviews came from Rotten Tomatoes, which had long been a bastion for accurate reportage of quality entertainment. In recent years, the iconic website has started to collect a lot more than user ratings. The site displays quantitative and qualitative metrics for our social consciousness, encapsulating the divergence of free thought from corporate mainstream media. This gives me hope for our species … kind of.

Have you seen either of these specials? If so, let me know what you think in the comments!

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