‘Are You A Capitalist Or A Socialist?’: Fox Anchor Challenges Democrat Rep. Over Spending Bill

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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Fox News Channel anchor Bill Hemmer asked Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan if he was a socialist Wednesday during a discussion on President Joe Biden’s spending bill.

In a segment on Fox News, Hemmer asked Pocan why the government should pour trillions of dollars into the economy with the current level of inflation. Pocan responded that the country’s inflation was at a peak and that many Americans were “still hurting.”

“But a lot more people can hurt with inflation,” Hemmer said. “You know the trap that comes with that type of economics now. Do you consider yourself a capitalist or a socialist?”


“I’ve been a small business owner for 33 years, so you tell me,” Pocan replied. “I know a little about capitalism, let’s put it that way.”

“You’re saying you’re a capitalist, correct?” Hemmer asked.

Pocan reiterated that he had been a small business owner since graduating college. “Yeah, I think I’m pretty good at understanding capitalism,” he said.

Hemmer followed up with a question about Biden’s tax plan. (RELATED: Stephen Miller’s Dark Prediction On Biden’s Spending Bill: It Might Upend ‘All Of American Society’)

“However, in this tax plan here,” Hemmer said. “You’re going to go after some Americans, and you’re going to tax more than 60% of their gross income depending on where they live in the country. I know you want the revenue. Is that fair?”

Pocan stated that Hemmer’s description of Biden’s plan was a “misrepresentation.” 

“What Joe Biden has said,” Pocan said, “is people who make more than $400,000, and corporations that often haven’t paid their fair share, like my constituents have, of their taxes, often who hide their profits overseas, they’re the ones who are going to pay it. So all this talk of how big the bill is, it’s going to cost nothing to the average person.” 

“My point is,” Hemmer replied, “some Americans who are high earners between state, and city, and Washington, and Obamacare, they’re up 60%, 61% of gross.”