NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Says City Has To ‘Revisit’ Vaccine Mandate

[Screenshot MSNBC Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said on MSNBC Wednesday that the city would have to “revisit” the vaccine mandate as police unions push back.

“The mask mandates we should keep in place because we’re doing an amazing job moving forward,” Adams said. “We need to revisit how we’re going to address the vaccine mandates. I stated I did not want to Monday morning quarterback the mayor [Bill de Blasio]. This is his time to be the mayor, and he has to make the decisions. But what I am going to encourage him to do is to sit down with the unions. We can work this out.”


“This is a very difficult moment, but there is an opportunity to sit down with the unions. I communicated with some of the union leaders yesterday, and they are open to sit down. This is a good idea to do so. I’m going to encourage him to make that happen.”

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate requiring all city employees to receive at least their first dose of the vaccine by Oct. 29 or risk losing their job. (RELATED: Mass Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Sweep Across The Globe)

De Blasio defended the mandate Tuesday while speaking on CNN, and said that giving people the chance to take the vaccine wasn’t “enough.”

“We tried voluntary approaches. We tried incentives. It wasn’t moving enough. Since we put this mandate into place, October 20, 24,000 more City employees have gotten vaccinated in just about 10 days. So, there’s the proof in the pudding,” he said, according to The Hill.

The mandate has received pushback from the city’s largest police union, which has launched a lawsuit against the city, calling the mandate “irrational.” The suit claims the mandate neither includes protections for officers who may have a religious exemption nor a provision for weekly testing if one decides to opt out of taking the shot.