‘Racist Judge With His Trump Rally Cellphone’: Left-Wing Journalist Has A Meltdown Over Judge In Rittenhouse Case

(Screenshot/Democracy Now)

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The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal accused on Thursday Judge Bruce Schroeder of having “pre-judged the trial in favor of Rittenhouse,” calling him a “biased, racist judge.”

Mystal made an appearance Thursday on a left-wing website Democracy Now, during which he vented his frustration over a supposed bias of the judge presiding over the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“Who we have is a judge, who, from my perspective, has pre-judged the trial in favor of Rittenhouse and has decided again even at the pre-trial stage to use every bit of his power to put his thumb on the scale towards Rittenhouse’s side,” the correspondent said. “That was obvious before the trial started.”

Mystal claimed that the judge was being “hostile” against the prosecution, hampering its efforts to “put on its case against Rittenhouse.”

“He almost wants the prosecution to put on a different case against Rittenhouse and already has determined that the boy is not guilty,” he added.

The left-wing journalist then went on to predict that Rittenhouse would walk free, saying that nothing that had happened in the trial as of Thursday could change his mind.

“When you put one plus one plus one plus one plus one together, you end up with five!,” Mystal exclaimed, getting noticeably agitated. (RELATED: Rittenhouse Trial Pauses As ‘God Bless The USA’ Ringtone Appears To Go Off. Camera Pans To Judge Checking His Phone)

“That’s what Schroeder is. He’s made a series of decisions. Each one perhaps may be individually defensible, but in totality lead to an impression of a biased, racist judge with his Trump rally cellphone that is trying to give Rittenhouse a walk.”