Subway Spokeswoman Says Their Tuna Is ‘Wild Caught’ And ‘High Quality’ After Lawsuit Claims Its Simply Not Tuna

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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A Subway spokeswoman denied a recent lawsuit alleging the tuna in its sandwiches is fake, saying it is “high quality,” “wild-caught,” and “100% tuna.”

A second amended complaint from a lawsuit filed in federal court in January alleges that out of 20 samples tested, 19 had no detectable DNA from tuna, according to The Wall Street Journal.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit ate over 100 tuna sandwiches from Subway between 2013 and 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported. (RELATED: Been Eating ‘Tuna’ At Subway? Scientists Can’t Figure Out What ‘Species’ The Meat Is, But It Might Not Be Tuna)

“When reading a menu item identified as being ‘tuna,’ reasonable consumers, including Plaintiff Amin, reasonably believe that the product they are ordering and purchasing will contain only tuna and no other fish species, animal species, or miscellaneous products not otherwise identified in the menu item,” the lawsuit reads, The Wall Street Journal reported.

All of the samples tested allegedly had chicken DNA, with 11 containing pork DNA and 7 containing beef DNA, reported The Wall Street Journal.

“Subway tuna is high-quality, wild-caught, 100% tuna. The plaintiffs have filed three meritless complaints, changing their story each time. This third, most recent amended claim, was filed only after their prior complaint was rightfully dismissed by a federal judge,” a Subway spokesperson said in a statement to the Daily Caller.

“Our legal team is in the process of evaluating the plaintiffs’ amended claim, and will once again file a new motion to dismiss this reckless and improper lawsuit. The fact remains that Subway tuna is real and strictly regulated by the FDA in the U.S., and other government entities around the world,” the statement goes on to say.