Thief Casually Walks Into Posh San Fran Store And Steals Heap Of Items In Broad Daylight

Bradley Stein Contributor
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A video showing a shoplifter walking out of an upscale San Francisco boutique with a pile of unpaid item was posted to Twitter late Friday morning.

The viral thirty-three second security video shows a masked man dressed in a camouflage jacket and Golden State Warriors t-shirt entering a Pacific Heights boutique and exiting with multiple pairs of designer jeans.

“Hi, how are you today,” a sales associate is heard saying as the masked man enters the shop.

“Sup,” responds the man as he bends down to pick up a pile of designer denim jeans from the window display.

Shortly after picking up the pile of jeans from the display, the man makes his way over to the other side of the store and picks up one final item before casually walking out the door. (RELATED: San Francisco’s Shoplifters Are Flipping Stolen Merchandise Online)

“Wait,” said the associate moments before the man exited the store.

On his way out, the man yelled back at her.

The incident captured in the video is the latest in a string of petty shoplifting offenses taking place across California.

Walgreens announced in October that it planned to close an additional 5 locations in the San Francisco area, bringing the total number of stores they’ve had to close in the city to 10. A spokesman for the retail giant said the rise of “organized retail crime” was the primary reason for the closures.

Several law enforcement experts have pointed to California’s passage of a law reducing the theft of property under $950 from a felony to a misdemeanor back in 2014 as the cause of the retail crime wave during the pandemic, according to the LA Times.