EDITORIAL: The Left Spent A Year Vilifying Rittenhouse. How Did They Get It So Wrong?

[Daily Caller]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Corporate media spent well over a year vilifying Kyle Rittenhouse and pushing a false narrative. Now, leftists are claiming Friday’s acquittal is a miscarriage of justice. But the jury didn’t get it wrong — corporate media did.


For months, corporate media outlets pushed the claim that Rittenhouse was a “vigilante,” “domestic terrorist” and “white supremacist” despite no evidence. While the media cultivated a fake narrative by capitalizing on tensions surrounding racism, Rittenhouse’s defense worked hard to present a case of self-defense. While the jury heard the evidence and made a decision to acquit Rittenhouse, many are claiming the verdict is a miscarriage of justice.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler went so far as to say the acquittal sets a “dangerous precedent” and called for a review by the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden said he is “angry” about the verdict while Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said “to call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement.”

These statements are inflammatory and are based off of the misleading narrative pushed by the corporate media.