REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Is Incredible In Season Four, Episode Four ‘Winning Or Learning’

John Dutton, Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Yellowstone” was incredible Sunday night with “Winning or Learning.”



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We knew coming into tonight that we were likely in for a fun time, and the episode didn’t disappoint at all. While a lot happened, there are a few key points I want to hit on.


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First, I absolutely loved the scene with Jamie and Kayce. I’ve said for so long that there’s no way Jamie was responsible for the attack. Him and Beth might hate each other, but he’s still a member of that family.

The fact he gave John protection, swept the killings on the ranch under the rug and more shows he’s still loyal to the man who raised him.

As for his biological father, I’ve continued to have complete faith in my earlier predictions that he’s pulling the strings.

That leads me to the big reveal of the night! We now know for sure that the man who put together the hit attempt together has close ties to Garrett.

Did I call it or did I call it?

Speaking of Kayce, it’s clear that Monica and him are at least trending up after he admits the ranch is no longer the best place for Tate.

In my interview with Kelsey Asbille, we know things are going to get dark. I’m just not sure we know how dark right now.

It’s also fascinating to watch Beth possibly form an alliance with the new boss of Market Equities. We all know she’ll do anything to protect her father.

Would she join the enemy in the short term to help find them a more favorable target over her father’s ranch?

The answer certainly seems to be yes, especially if it helps her screw over Bob.

While we’re on the subject of enemies, Lloyd and Walker finally came to blows and it didn’t go as many of us expected!

Rip came in and absolutely pulverized the man who is arguably his best friend. No fighting on this ranch, folks!

Finally, Jimmy is off in Texas and I’m guessing we’ve probably seen about as much from him as we will all season. His character has more or less been written off “Yellowstone” so he can do the spin-off.

Overall, it was another incredible episode of Yellowstone, and I can’t wait to see what we get next week. It’s the best show on TV by a mile.