GORDON: The Woke Revolution Eats Its Own. Again.

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J. D. Gordon Former Pentagon Spokesman, George W. Bush Administration
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Reasonable minds may differ about the severity of Chris Cuomo using an anchorman position at CNN to help his brother Andrew survive as the governor of New York.

Certainly seems mild compared to whipping America into a frenzy over the Russiagate collusion hoax, which targeted countless innocent people from President Trump on down. And minor compared to CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin masturbating on a Zoom call with co-workers.

Yet any objective person can agree that the Woke Revolution eats its own. Again. The left-wing brothers were toppled by the left, not the right.

Like the old saying in state politics, the “AG” in “Attorney General” often stands for “Aspiring Governor.” Bill Clinton rose from Arkansas attorney general to Arkansas governor in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While he waited for the incumbent Democrat governor to eventually move on, the “woke” class doesn’t. It attacks in any direction to gain power in the name of social justice.

Once elected in 2018, New York AG Letitia James immediately went after Trump over state tax returns and old news. While her office roiled the Trump Organization, it didn’t seem to inflict much damage on Trump personally.

So she targeted her boss, Gov. Cuomo. Allegations of sexual harassment from his staffers opened the door to a state-wide investigation, which forced a humiliating resignation. Meanwhile, his role in more than 15,000 COVID-related nursing home deaths and the media-complicit cover up appeared irrelevant, even if a far greater sin.

Once Cuomo was ousted, James quickly announced her candidacy to replace him as governor.

Cuomo World “wokesters” who defended him fell like dominoes. Alphonso David, a former Cuomo staff lawyer and President of the Human Rights Campaign, America’s biggest LGBTQ organization, was fired over advising him on #MeToo claims. Tina Tchen and Roberta Kaplan, the CEO and Chairwoman of Time’s Up, resigned in disgrace, and the bulk of a 25-member staff was fired for sabotaging accusers like Lindsay Boylan.

And then there’s Chris.

Despite the public outcry over his direct coordination with gubernatorial aides to research and undermine the accusers, CNN didn’t suspend him until a scathing article appeared in The Atlantic, a left-wing magazine. Entitled “Chris Cuomo Must Go,” it bashed the Cuomo Brothers and linked to a treasure trove of investigation documents. He was fired from CNN days later.

Tucker Carlson rightly pointed out during his Fox News show that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ billionaire widow owns The Atlantic, which “functions as a modern day social register, a place for the ruling class to talk to itself.” And from CNN President Jeff Zucker’s worldview, “The Atlantic makes the rules.”

The legacy of three-term Governor Mario Cuomo will also be tarnished over his sons, even though he’s been a liberal hero for decades and died years ago. The calls to remove his name from a major bridge crossing the Hudson River will intensify, especially since its original name of “Tappan Zee” honored both a Native American tribe and Dutch settlers.

Changing names, toppling historical monuments and canceling people are all common today.

Fueled by “critical race theory” and related anti-American ideology rooted in Marxism, the country is being “transformed” before our eyes. Anyone who dares to speak out or runs afoul of the current liberal orthodoxy faces harsh punishment.

Don McNeil, the fiercely anti-Trump New York Times science correspondent for decades, was axed over teenager complaints about a heated discussion on race and the “N-word” during a field trip he chaperoned to Peru. Alexi McCammond of Axios was fired before starting as editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue over a newsroom revolt about her anti-Asian tweets as a 17-year old. Payback for attacking NBA legend Charles Barkley over a misogynistic joke directed at her.

Dave Chappelle is fighting to save his career after his Netflix comedy series which joked at the expense of the LGBTQ community. NFL star Drew Brees was shamed into making an apology for his defense of standing for the U.S. national anthem.

Woke intolerance is intensifying every day across the country. If history is a guide, such a juggernaut is hard to stop.

Totalitarians who destroyed their societies in order to create utopias based on forced “equality” and “equity” didn’t allow for dissent either. In the Soviet Union, China, East Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and beyond, they figuratively ate their own too.

Of course America isn’t nearly that bad. And hopefully never will be. But the signs are troubling.

A high-tech insurrection, a.k.a. Russiagate Hoax, with those complicit still engaged in a Pravdaesque whitewash campaign. An uneven justice system based on political ideology. A shrinking middle class eroded by skyrocketing costs for college tuition and housing. Millions of manufacturing and tech jobs lost to China. A billionaire class funding neo-left, destructive causes from the safety of walled compounds. Open borders, urban anarchy, soaring crime and movements to defund local police, eliminate bail and empty prisons. Our future looks bleak.

The House of Cuomo is just the latest casualty.

J.D. Gordon is a former National Security & Foreign Policy Advisor to Republican leaders Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee and Herman Cain.  Previously, he served as a Pentagon spokesman during the George W. Bush Administration and is a retired Navy Commander.