Joe Rogan Says The ‘Surest Sign’ Don Lemon’s ‘Not Smart’ Is ‘How Smart He Tries To Pretend That He Is’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joe Rogan blasted CNN’s Don Lemon and said the “surest sign” that he’s “not smart” is “how smart he tries to pretend that he is.”

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Tuesday on Spotify, the host spoke to journalist Matt Taibbi who said people are “tired of being manipulated and talked to in a certain way.”

“By people who they don’t even think are superior to them intellectually,” Rogan added.

The two then called out journalists who they said “pontificate on the air” at CNN and act like they are a above the common people. (RELATED: Joe Rogan Will Refund Tickets For Fans Who Can’t Attend His Shows Because Of Vaccine Mandates)

It comes at the final 23 minute mark in the show.

“Which ironically is a sure sign that they are not smart,” the podcaster shared. “Which is funny. Don Lemon is a great example of that.  It’s the surest sign, that he’s not smart, is how smart he tries to pretend that he is.”

At one point in the show, the podcast host called CNN’s stupidity into question for making the claim that Rogan had taken a “horse dewormer” after he got COVID-19.

It comes at the final 25 minutes of the show.

“Well the dumb part about it is, did they [CNN] think I wasn’t going to say anything?” Rogan asked. “Like, I have bigger audience than you do. Like, what are you, stupid?” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Leaves Sanjay Gupta Almost Speechless As He Confronts Him About CNN’s Lies, Parents Not Wanting To Vaccinate Kids)

“How dumb is that?” he added. “I don’t think they’ve internalized that yet.”

Taibbi replied that it’s “not that hard” to have criticized the way Rogan fought COVID-19, and asked why they aren’t ashamed of “being factually incorrect.”

Rogan said he thinks CNN didn’t understand while they were doing it and said they “thought they were going to get away with it.”