Boston University Tells Staff To ‘Intervene’ Over Politically Incorrect Compliments In Title IX Training

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Boston University mandated Title IX training that told faculty and students that they must “intervene” if a colleague or peer makes a politically incorrect compliment or joke.

The training provided multiple-choice questions regarding “bystander intervention,” which informed faculty and students that they should intervene if they are a bystander of a politically incorrect situation, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

One scenario read, “You’re in the cafeteria with two colleagues, Jessica and Kim, who is Asian. Jessica sees Kim’s phone background. It’s a picture of her and her husband. Jessica says “Oooh, your husband’s White? He’s good-looking! You two have to have lots of babies … half-Asian babies are the cutest.”

The incorrect answer read, “Say nothing, Jesicca is giving Kim a compliment, and besides, Kim smiled,” according to the training. The correct answer read, “Intervene. Kim might have felt uncomfortable about Jessica making comments about her race, her husband’s appearance, or the prospect of having children.”

A second scenario read, “Greg and Weinan are talking in the break room, where many people are eating. Greg begins speaking loudly in a stereotypical Chinese accent, and Weinan is smiling. Nobody is saying anything or even seems to notice — they all just keep doing what they’re doing.”

The incorrect answer read, “Take a cue from Weinan and the people around you. They must know something you don’t, and that’s why they aren’t intervening … maybe it’s an inside joke you haven’t heard yet.” According to the training, the correct answer is “Say something. Mocking an accent is offensive. It might be hurtful to other people within earshot, or even Weinan.”

A separate question asked how often false accusations are made by others. Students were required to answer “rarely,” and “sometimes” was an incorrect answer, according to the Free Beacon’s report.

“You might be surprised to learn that false reports aren’t common, and frivolous claims are almost nonexistent,” the training read.

Employees who fail to complete the Title IX training will not “qualify for the next merit increase process,” according to the school’s website. Students who fail to complete the training cannot register for their upcoming semester. (RELATED: University Of Wisconsin Paid Ibram X. Kendi Nearly $45,000 For Speech)

Boston University employs anti-racist scholar Ibram X. Kendi and took steps over the years to become an anti-racist university. According to a report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the university requires teachers to include diversity, equity, and inclusion statements in their syllabi.

Boston University did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.