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How Michael Fenech is Helping Normal People Reach Their E-Commerce Goals

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In the last two years, eCommerce sales have increased significantly. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people have shifted to online buying, which has forced businesses to move their products/services to various digital platforms. The changes have also exposed the public to the potential of online retail. Michael Fenech is an eCommerce specialist redefining the industry by helping entrepreneurs reach their e-commerce goals using his unique approach.

Michael is the co-founder of the award-winning Facebook group Endgame Network. He is also one of the creative minds behind the private mastermind group Endgame Access where they share next level strategies and processes to help people succeed in eCommerce on Amazon.

According to Michael Fenech, becoming successful in eCommerce is simple but not easy. He explains the path is daunting, and there are different roadblocks along the way. However, your mindset and dedication will determine your success.

Having been in the ecommerce sector for quite some time, Michael notes that product research is one of the keys to success in the industry. Chances are your product already exists in the market, says Michael. Therefore, you’ll be competing with brands that have already established their place in the niche.

Michael explains that product research will help tell you whether the available options meet consumer needs and what you can do differently. With his team, he coaches people on how to sell products on Amazon using the FBA program and how to launch products that are winners.

The FBA program (Fulfilled by Amazon) basically means Amazon handles most of the work from storage to order fulfillment. Michael explains that you, as the seller, send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and once a sale is made, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the product to the customer while looking after all customer service. This saves you from the hassle of renting and maintaining a warehouse, among other additional costs.

To ensure each client reaches their eCommerce goals, Michael Fenech and his co-founder advocate building a solid brand. Right from market research to customer experience, their goal is to create strategies that will help each seller and their brand be unique.

In choosing a product, Michael recommends adding a USP (Unique Selling Position) in order to stand out amongst the competition. He notes that having a great USP allows the customer to identify their needs with your product much easier, resulting in a higher conversion rate. This will help you stand out from the competitors and become the alpha product in your niche, building a long-term brand.

Additionally, he advocates getting the 1%ers right. This allows the sellers to maximize their profit margin by optimizing the supply chain and packaging, which means they can exit their online stores at a higher multiple.

In the last few years, the aggregators’ space in Amazon has been heating up, and more companies are buying up brands. Through his strategy, Michael is helping ordinary people earn passive income and make millions by scaling their ventures. As Michael continues to expand his business, his goal is to create a win-win situation for all by assisting sellers in finding winning products.

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