‘Oh My Gosh’: News Anchor Reacts Live On Air To Brutal Crash That Sends Motorcyclist Flying

[Twitter Screenshot CBS Los Angeles]

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CBS Los Angeles anchor Amy Johnson was in complete shock Thursday after a motorcyclist fatally crashed into a car while allegedly fleeing the Los Angeles Police Department.

Video captured from SKY9 shows the unidentified motorcyclist racing down Roscoe Boulevard, allegedly at speeds nearing 130 miles per hour, according to KCAL9. The motorcyclist is seen weaving past traffic, at one point even appearing to stand up on the motorcycle before crashing into a car trying to make a left turn. Graphic video footage captures the motorcyclist flying through the air before Johnson screams “Oh my gosh” and grabs her face in disbelief as the camera cuts away from the gory footage.


“We’ve just seen-sorry, we just saw that motorcyclist crash into a car there at the intersection,” said Johnson, seemingly in shock.

The motorcyclist was declared dead on the scene, according to KCAL. (RELATED: Woman Stands On Top Of Car To Take Selfie After Driving It Into Frozen River. Local Residents Rescue Her)

“It’s a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death,” LAPD captain Andy Neiman reportedly said.

Neiman said the LAPD was not pursuing the motorcyclist, who had allegedly stolen the motorcycle, but rather was just tracking the motorcyclist, according to the report. Undercover officers, tipped off from the motorcyclist’s suspicious behavior, ran the plates and found the motorcycle had been stolen, but the motorcyclist ended up fleeing officers after they tried to pull him over.