Houston Texans GM Says Brian Flores Suing The NFL Didn’t ‘Affect’ His Chances Of Being Hired

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Houston Texans have broken their silence on not hiring Brian Flores.

Flores was in the mix to be the next coach of the Texans, but in the end the team chose to make their DC Lovie Smith the franchise’s new head coach. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

After Flores was passed over for the position, his lawyers released a statement saying he didn’t get the job because he’s he’s suing the NFL for racial discrimination.

Now, the Texans have hit back.

“This process is pretty fluid, right, and you have to take information in. But, there were conversations with Brian after [the lawsuit was filed]. So, it really didn’t affect the process,” general manager Nick Caserio told the media when discussing not hiring Flores and going with Smith.

As I said when Flores’ lawyers released that idiotic statement about him not being hired, NFL teams don’t have time to waste when it comes to finding a coach.

Flores was a candidate late into the process, and for all we know he could have been the guy who finished second in the race.


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If the Texans didn’t want to hire him from the jump, they wouldn’t have even bothered jumping through any hoops. They just would have cut him loose and moved on.

Anyone who knows anything about the NFL knows that I’m 100% correct.


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Flores’ lawyers can throw tantrums until they’re blue in the face, but I’m not sure it will convince many people.