Local Indonesian Man Frees Wild Crocodile From Motorcycle Tire Stuck On Its Head For 6 Years, Officials Call It Milestone

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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An Indonesian man removed a used motorcycle tire from a crocodile’s neck Wednesday in Indonesia.

The nearly 15-foot-long crocodile became a local legend around Palu in Central Sulawesi province in Indonesia, reported the Associated Press (AP).

Officials began efforts to remove the tire from its neck when the crocodile was first spotted in 2016, AP reported. However, nobody was successful.

A local bird catcher who goes by Tili noticed the crocodile in early January and became determined to free it from the tire, reported AP.

“I have experiences and skills in catching animals, not only birds, but farm animals that are released from the cage,” Tili said, according to AP. “I believe I can rescue the crocodile with my skills.”

“I caught the crocodile by myself,” Tili said, according to Reuters. “I was asking for help from people here but they were scared.”

Tili used a homemade trap and attempted to catch the crocodile for three weeks before he was finally successful, reported the outlet. Once the crocodile was caught, Tili cut through the tire. (RELATED: Firefighters Use Saws And Sledgehammers To Free Dog That Was Stuck Between Walls For 5 Days)

“For all of the efforts Tili has done for protected wildlife and being the kind of animal lover he is, that’s a great milestone,” the head of Central Sulawesi’s conservation agency Haruna Hamma said, reported AP.

Officials are unsure how the tire became stuck around the crocodile’s neck, AP reported. Saltwater crocodiles are protected by Indonesian law.