Washington Commanders Player Jonathan Allen Calls Adolf Hitler ‘A Military Genius’

Adolf Hitler (Credit: AFP via Getty Images and Justin Tafoya/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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UPDATE: Allen has deleted the tweets and apologized.

Washington Commanders player Jonathan Allen had a tweet for the ages Wednesday morning.

The NFL defensive tackle was asked the three people he’d like to have dinner with, and he listed former German dictator Adolf Hitler! Things only got worse from there. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

When asked why he’d want to have dinner with Hitler, he responded with, “He’s a military genius and I love military tactics but honestly I would want to pick his brain as to why he did what he did. I’m also assuming that the people I’ve chosen have to answer all my questions honestly.”

I hate to shatter Allen’s perception of the deceased tyrant, but Hitler was most certainly not “a military genius.” Not even close.

In fact, pretty much the exact opposite is true. He was an all-time moron when it came to military decisions and the examples are plentiful.

In the Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans ended up getting surrounded and decimated by Soviet forces. Instead of pulling back and attempting to seize different targets before it was too late, Hitler allowed his people to become entrenched and destroyed.

He literally had his troops try to hold positions they couldn’t possibly be victorious in on the Eastern Front.

In fact, what great tactical decisions did he make once the war was fully underway? The Germans didn’t even have their tanks ready to roll at D-Day as Allied forces hammered the beaches and paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines.

There is no way anyone can look at the facts and come away with the conclusion that Hitler was “a military genius.”

Now, did the Germans have some solid and innovative gear for the time? Sure. No question about that. They had good tech, and they still got obliterated when it was all said and done.

Next time, keep the Hitler takes saved in your drafts.