Woke Actor George Takei Tells America To Suck It Up Over Rising Gas Prices

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Asia Society Southern California)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Star Trek legend George Takei told Americans Friday that they should be willing to endure higher costs of living in order to hurt Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Americans: we can endure higher prices for food and gas if it means putting the screws to Putin. Consider it a patriotic donation in the fight for freedom over tyranny,” Takei tweeted on March  4. Takei has an estimated net worth of more than $12 million, according to Fortune. Meanwhile, there are almost 40 million Americans already living below the poverty line.

Takei’s comments were met with significant backlash from Twitter users, with many calling out the actor’s ignorance for how inflation has already hurt his fellow countrymen and women. “Americans: we have money to drop bombs on Somalia last week and start war with Russia, but no money for our citizens who are struggling during year three of pandemic with no healthcare,” wrote one user. (RELATED: CBS News Dragged For Suddenly Blaming Biden’s Supply Crisis On Russia)

“There wouldn’t BE any need to ‘suffer’ high gas prices if we hadn’t ended the Keystone pipeline,” wrote another twitter user. “The West MADE Putin a key source of oil in the past couple years, when we stopped being one ourselves. Think about it.”

Veteran and author Douglas Karr also responded to Takei.

TMZ ran with the headline “George Takei: Americans, SUCK IT UP ON HIGHER PRICES… Do It for Ukraine.”