Woman Allegedly Lured Man Into Sadist Torture Scheme After He Flashed Money On Instagram

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A New York woman allegedly lured a man into a sadist torture scheme after he flashed money on Instagram, the New York Post reported Monday.

Valerie Rosario connected with the man using Instagram and “allegedly coaxed” him to an apartment in the Bronx, the New York Post reported. Once the man arrived at the apartment, Rosario and three male accomplices allegedly tortured him, according to the New York Post. The man was reportedly pistol-whipped by one of the accomplices before the group of attackers supposedly stripped him, put him in the bathtub, poured flammable substances on him, and burned him.

At one point, the attackers also allegedly used a knife on the victim, even calling his brother via FaceTime to demand ransom money, according to the New York Post.

“Give us one hundred thousand dollars or we will kill him,” the attackers allegedly said to the victim’s brother, the outlet reported.

The attack was said to have happened at two different locations, according to police. Police also caught one of the accomplices involved in the attack in Queens and identified him as Javier Vargas. (RELATED: Police Warn Parents About Spikes In ‘Sextortion’ Schemes Targeting Teen Boys Through Social Media)

Rosario was believed to have lured the man to the Bronx apartment under the guise of a date, reported. Rosario, Vargas, and another individual involved with the attack were remanded into custody, according to the outlet.

The alleged attack took place Feb. 7, according to NBC News. The outlet identified one of the other suspects as Michael Candelario.

Vargas was charged with robbery, assault, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment, according to the outlet. In addition, Rosario and Candelario were charged with attempted murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment.

The victim, who was not named, was reportedly taken to the hospital following the attack.