EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Trying To Force ‘Defund The Police’-Supporting Colleagues To Pay For Their Own Private Security

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy will introduce a resolution Monday saying any member of Congress who makes a public statement advocating for defunding the police should not be allowed to use federal funds to contract private security, as many Democrats have done.

The Daily Caller first obtained the resolution which had seven cosponsors and also condemns any calls made by a member to “defund the police.” The Daily Caller first reported in April 2021 that members of the far-left group in Congress called “the Squad” spent thousands of campaign funds and used taxpayer dollars on private security for themselves while advocating to defund the police.

Murphy’s resolution would prevent these members or anyone in Congress who has called to defund the police from using taxpayer dollars on private security. (RELATED: Rep. Ayanna Pressley Spent Thousands Of Taxpayers Dollars On Private Security, House Records Show)

“Time after time, the American people have been baffled by progressive, hypocritical, and anti-cop lawmakers who publicly decry ‘defund the police’ while simultaneously using taxpayer dollars to pay for their own security details,” Murphy told the Daily Caller before introducing the resolution. “It’s a classic and timeless example of the Democrats’ rules for thee, but not for me. The Squad could care less about public safety, and they didn’t mind when blue cities burned in Summer 2020 – so long as they get to enjoy personal, private taxpayer funded security.”


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“My resolution condemns any calls made by a member of Congress to ‘defund the police’ and asserts that those lawmakers should not be permitted to use federal funds to pay for their security. Our law enforcement officers sacrifice so much for our nation. We must always back the blue and fearlessly stand in opposition to those who hypocritically threaten peace and our rule of law,” Murphy added. (RELATED: ‘The Squad’ Pushes To ‘Defund The Police’ While Spending Thousands On Private Security To Protect Themselves)

The resolutions cosponsors include South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Texas Rep. Andy Weber, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and Kentucky Rep. Andy Barr.