Biden’s Support Among Hispanics Collapses, Spelling ‘Nightmare Scenario’ For Democrats

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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President Joe Biden’s support among Hispanic voters has collapsed, a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll found, and it might create major headaches for the Democratic Party leading up to the midterm elections.

The poll found that only 26% of Hispanic voters approve of Biden’s job performance, standing significantly lower than the president’s 31% of white and 63% of black approval. Meanwhile, Biden holds a 54% of Hispanic disapproval rating, while 59% of white and 25% of black respondents said they disapprove.

A staggering 41% of Hispanic voters said they “strongly disapprove” of the president’s job handling, while only 12% of respondents said they “strongly approve.” Nearly a quarter of Hispanic voters, 20%, remained neutral.

The poll surveyed 1,412 adults between April 7-11 with a 2.6 margin of error. Sampling was conducted by calling respondents’ landline and cell phone numbers.

Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican media strategist who led former President Donald Trump’s national Hispanic advertising in 2020, said Wednesday that even if the poll is “off 10 points,” it’s still “a nightmare scenario” for the Democratic Party.

“A bad economy and being out of touch on cultural issues would hurt Democrats with any group, but it’s especially dangerous for them with Hispanics. Inflation disproportionately impacts Latinos because our communities are mostly working class. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ victimhood-peddling to minorities and radical stances on cultural issues really alienates Latinos. Our communities tend to be traditional, more preoccupied with getting ahead than political correctness, and we don’t view ourselves as victims in this country,” Sopo told the Daily Caller.

A December Wall Street Journal poll found that Hispanic voters were evenly split in their support for Democrats and Republicans, with 43% saying they would support Trump and 44% for Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election. Many voters cited the economy as reasoning for their partisan shift, as an overwhelming majority said the nation is moving in the wrong economic direction.

A March 25 Axios-Ipsos poll also found that inflation and supply chain issues are among top concerns for Hispanic voters and are causing them to turn on the Biden administration in large numbers. (RELATED: Are Latinos Really Abandoning Dems? Poll Analysis Gives New Insight) 

Slightly below a third of Hispanics, 30%, approve of Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while nearly half disapprove, according to the Quinnipiac poll. Hispanics also are the most critical of the Biden administration’s sanctions on Russia, with only 8% saying they will be “very effective” in pressuring Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

However, 43% of respondents predict they will be “somewhat effective” and 24% are evenly split in saying they will be too effective or effective at all.

All three demographics represented in the poll—77% white, and 71% black and Hispanic—said they overwhelmingly believe the U.S. has a moral responsibility to help Ukraine.

In 2020, Hispanic voters shifted their support for Trump by an 8-point margin in comparison to 2016, a Catalist study found. The former president achieved victory in Florida after gaining increased support among the state’s black and Hispanic communities.

Trump touted his role in Hispanics’ departure from the Democratic Party during his first presidential run, citing their desire for border security and their “great energy” during a Wednesday interview with Sirius XM’s Americano Media.

“I did great with the Hispanics. And you know why? Because they’re very incredible people with great energy, and they’re very entrepreneurial. And they also understood the border,” he continued, according to the outlet. “They understand the border better than anybody else. And they want security at the border.”