Biden Roasted For ‘Shaking Hands’ With ‘Thin Air’ Following Speech

[Screenshot/Twitter/Washington Free Beacon]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Political commentators took shots at President Joe Biden after he allegedly offered a handshake to nobody in particular at his Thursday speech in North Carolina.

When the speech ended, the president turned to his right and put out his hand out for a few moments before turning around and roaming the stage for several seconds. He proceeded to the other side of the stage, making another gesture, then shaking hands with attendees in the audience.


The president also unexpectedly turned his back to the audience while telling a story about his father.

“Excuse my back, but I’m look at you,” he said.

Twitter users immediately called Biden’s actions at the end of the speech “elder abuse” and questioned his mental state.

The president addressed the administration’s efforts on combating inflation at the A&T State University, the largest historically Black college in the country (HCBU), according to McClatchy DC Bureau. A Bureau of Labor Statistics statement said the speech would “discuss his Administration’s efforts to make more in America, rebuild our supply chains here at home, and bring down costs for the American people as part of Building a Better America.”

Inflation hit a four-decade high Tuesday with the announcement that the March Consumer Price Index soared 8.5%. In response, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the administration’s past claims that inflation is “transitory” at Wednesday’s press briefing. (RELATED: Biden Left Looking For Someone To Talk To As Obama Is Surrounded By Democrat Groupies)

“Does the White House still view inflation as transitory?” Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked.

“That is the view of the Federal Reserve and outside economists, and they all continue to project it will come down this year,” the press secretary said.

During a Tuesday speech in Iowa, a white substance appeared to have landed on the president’s shoulder, causing several Twitter users to immediately mock him via Twitter.