‘Hours Of Orgasms’: Brazilian OnlyFans Model Says She Makes Bank Cooking Pretty Much Naked


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Brazilian reality TV chef and Playboy model says she has doubled her income since sharing risque cooking content on her OnlyFans profile.

Candida Batista, 40, told the Daily Star that her recent stint on the Portuguese version of Hell’s Kitchen caused her income to skyrocket as viewers discovered her OnlyFans account. “The dream of most of my fans is for me to cook a meal in a sexy way,” she explained to the outlet, noting that sex and cooking have a lot in common.

“Eight hours of cooking is equal to eight hours of orgasms. When we cook, it is a pleasure that cannot be explained,” she continued, according to the outlet. Apparently, the pleasure is shared between Batista and her husband, who regularly helps her out in the kitchen, the outlet reported.

In 2020, she told another outlet that she often avoids wearing clothes in the kitchen. “Cooking is good and even better if you don’t have a lot of clothes. It is an experience that makes us sharpen our senses and cook better,” she said, according to the New York Post.

Not all of Batista’s content revolves around food; a majority of her Instagram posts are classic implied nudes. (RELATED: REPORT: Phil Collins’ Ex-Wife Found New Husband On Escort Site)


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Though she did not disclose exactly what she makes from the site, she did say she’d made more than $100,000 since the start of the pandemic, the New York Post noted. She currently resides in Vienna, Austria, but always uses at least one Brazilian ingredient in each dish she serves.