‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Mike Rowe Launching Whiskey Line With A Sea Shanty For The Ages


Kayla Ivan Contributor
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Attention whiskey lovers! Mike Rowe is rolling out his own whiskey line, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey.

The host of “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel also made a parody rendition of the classic sea shanty, “The Wellerman,” which he aptly named “The Knobelman.”


Rowe expressed his excitement to ship his grandfather’s whiskey to lovers of the drink on his website Saturday. (RELATED: Mike Rowe Reveals How A Phone Call About Grandfather Inspired Hit Show In Clip With Tucker Carlson)

“This (is) a version of the earworm I first heard during the lockdowns, reimagined to reflect my current frustration with a broken supply chain, a crumbling infrastructure, rising energy costs, and various other obstacles that have complicated the important business of shipping my grandfather’s delicious Knobel Tennessee Whiskey to your doorstep,” he wrote.

The lyrics of the sea shanty revealed Rowe’s motivation for carrying on his grandfather’s name with the whiskey line.

“So may the Knobelman come, to bring a bottle for everyone,” he chanted.

The sea shanty has over 40,000 views, with YouTube users praising the song and whiskey line.

“Dirty Jobs” has been on the air and hosted by Rowe since 2003, with 9 seasons of the TV series.

Rowe has been vocal about his beliefs in the hardworking blue-collar Americans, which the sea shanty reflects upon.

He discussed topics such as the skilled labor shortage in the country today from skill gaps, attributing this issue to the values of Americans in an article from November 2021.

“The skills gap is not a mystery – it’s a reflection of what we value. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t value skilled labor…” he stated in a Facebook post.