Violent Swan Attacks Wake Surfer In Hysterical Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A wake surfer went viral online Tuesday after facing the wrath of a very angry swan.

Sean Conway was wake surfing behind a speedboat on Lake Austin, Texas, when the wild animal chased him through the water and attacked him, according to the New York Post. The clip was shared online Tuesday morning and rapidly made headlines given the hilarity of the encounter.

The video clearly shows the swan chasing Conway and pecking at his feet, and at one point even joins Conway on the wakeboard. Conway first tries to shoo the huge bird away but quickly falls into the water.

“My buddies Chris and Rick invited me to wake surf in the morning, it was only my fifth time wake surfing,” Conway told reporters, according to the NY Post. He was alerted to the swan’s presence by his friends, who started yelling as he was being chased, the outlet reported.

“I had just gotten up on the board and was riding for 15 seconds when my friends’ eyes got really big and they became frazzled, like I’d already taken a hard fall but I’m still on the board, so what’s up?” Conway continued, before saying that the experience was like a “helicopter landing right behind” him.

Swans do not often attack humans, but when they do it can be deadly due to their size and strength, the BBC reported. (RELATED: Bad-A** Cat Gets Shot By Arrow, Believed To Have Taken Arrow Out By Himself)

Conway noted that he was not aware that swans can fly due to their size, the NY Post reported. Swans can fly roughly 18 to 30 miles per hour, but with the right tailwind, they can reach 50 to 60 mph, according to CSMonitor.