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HeyBike’s Anniversary Sale Has Kicked Off

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This year, May 5th, the historic 1st HeyBike anniversary will be commemorated with exciting discounts, special gifts, and rewards.

HeyBike’s initial production went up for sale in 2021, kicking off one of the most spectacular electric bike adventures in history. It’s a journey that influenced the modern e-bike scene, touching millions of devoted supporters who share the same passion for fat tire electric bikes that fold down for easier transportation.

HeyBike – The Brand

HeyBike was founded by Jasion on a mission to get people riding. “We want to give you an affordable way to try out a different style of transportation, while at the same time cutting down on your carbon footprint and helping make your city more friendly. ” Jasion said.

“As avid bikers ourselves, we know what it’s like to want to ride everywhere, but can’t afford that first bike or fixie”. So HeyBike set out with one goal in mind: introduce high-quality bikes for everyone. From commuters to cyclocross, mountain bikers to cruiser riders—we’ve got you covered.

With HeyBike expansive line of quality bikes spanning seven categories – Fixed Gear Bikes, Fat Tire Bikes, Urban Bikes, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Accessories — there is sure to be something for all types of cyclists.

HeyBike also offers new electric bikes and e-bike accessories so you can add some pedal power without breaking into your piggy bank. they’re constantly adding new products, so check back often! And thanks for stopping by!

E-Bikes For Sale by HeyBike

E-bikes are an excellent alternative to traditional bikes. Easier to ride and requiring less physical strength, e-bikes give you more freedom of movement than regular bicycles. Along with these new vehicles for sale by HeyBike, we’re also carrying electric scooters, which are often categorized as a type of e-bike. (See more on HeyBike’s website heybike.com.)

HeyBike Ranger Step-Thru Electric Bike has a 500W motor capacity. The battery capacity is 48V 15Ah. In a very short time, it can go up to the speed of 25Mph. The charging time is 5-6 hours. Its range is 48 miles and the maximum load it can bear is 330 lbs. Moreover, there is also a 2-years warranty. Free shipping is also available.

HeyBike Mars is a special type of fat tire e-bike that folds down for easy transportation, so you can have the fun of riding around everywhere you go. This bike has a 48V 12.5Ah battery. It can reach a speed of 20 MPH in a short period of time. Recharging takes around 6-7 hours. A maximum load of 330 pounds can be carried by it, and it has a range of 48 miles. In addition, it comes with a 2-year warranty. There is a free shipping option, as well.

These products provide a fast and effective means of transportation that can get you where you need to go while taking care of your body. If you find yourself spending too much time behind a wheel or unable to exercise because of aches or injuries, consider adding one of our electrically powered models to your garage. We sell all kinds—including longboards and tandems—so it’s easy to find what suits your lifestyle best!

Don’t Miss This Sale

The final thing to think about when you’re deciding which e-bike is for you is price. Electrics start at around $799 and can cost up to $1699. Some have suggested that there are rules of thumb for pricing e-bikes (for example, less expensive electric bikes tend to be direct-drive while more expensive ones use geared hubs). For purchasing, simply go to HeyBike’s website and order now your favorite bike.

Get All Electric Bikes at the Lowest Price. On its anniversary, HeyBike presents you with the best deals. It is the most reputable E-Bike manufacturer, producing high-quality items for its customers.

Furthermore, this sale offers more discounted deals than you could imagine:

HeyBike Anniversary Guidelines:

HeyBike Anniversary Sale! (May 5, 2022 – May 20, 2022)

  1. Buy any e-bikes, get the HeyBike Anniversary Box!
  2. Save an extra $50/pc for any 2-bike purchases! Discount code: HAS1