REPORT: Mother Shoots Intruder While Her Children Are Home


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A man was shot and killed Thursday as he tried to break into a San Antonio, Texas, home.

Three children were inside the home when the man, later identified as Roman Rodriguez, 41, broke through the back door into the laundry room, KSAT reported. Rodriguez then attempted to get into the main house by breaking through another door before he was shot twice in the chest by the children’s mother, according to New 4 San Antonio.

Police found Rodriguez in the backyard, where he was sat in a chair and bleeding from the wounds on his chest, KSAT continued. He died on his way to the hospital, the outlet continued.

Footage from the incident from News 4 shows multiple police cars and officers at the address, with caution tape surrounding the home. (RELATED: REPORT: Coroner Says He Cried, Couldn’t Eat For A Week In Most Heinous Crime He’s Ever Seen)

The mother is not facing any charges due to the Castle Doctrine, also known as “stand your ground” laws, which allow someone to use force against anyone who is attempting to unlawfully and with force enter or attempting to enter their home, vehicle or workplace, New 4 noted.

It’s unclear whether Rodriguez was also armed, the New York Post reported. No other inhabitants of the home were injured in the incident, KSAT reported.