Leftist Organization Promotes ‘Age-Appropriate’ Sex Education Videos For Students, Educators

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A left-wing organization is promoting sex education videos for children that discuss chest binding and oral sex, according to a review of the organization’s YouTube channel.

AMAZE creates sex education content crafted specifically for kids, according to the organization’s website. The group advocates for beginning sexual education lessons as early as kindergarten, though they note that “it’s never too early” to start talking about these issues.

AMAZE’s website provides an array of tools for educators as well, including toolkits and lesson plans to bring sexual education into classroom instruction. Examples of toolkits include, “Is Sexting Ok?” Another lesson plan focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Examples of videos promoted to educators include, “What are Pronouns?” “Range of Gender Identities,” “How To Be A LGBTQIA+ Ally” and “Being Female, Male, Transgender, or Fluid.” Other videos discuss sexual orientation, birth control and abortion.

Arguably the most contentious part of AMAZE’s content is the organization’s YouTube channel, which boasts more than 220,000 subscribers and 60 million combined views. A report from The Federalist questioned whether AMAZE’s content for kids violated YouTube’s terms and conditions.

YouTube’s policy forbids “content that targets young minors and families but contains sexual themes, violence, obscene, or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences.” (RELATED: Oregon Education Department Mandates That School Put Period Products In Boys And Girls Bathrooms)

One video posted to AMAZE’s channel discusses the use of chest binders to flatten healthy breast tissue. The video encouraged “transgender men and non-binary individuals” to Google best practices for safe chest binding.

“For transgender men and non-binary individuals, binding their chest may be a way to help create a flatter looking chest and help their body appear more like the gender they are,” the video said.

Another video titled, “Wait, Does Oral Sex Count As Sex?” shows a kid wearing a pansexual shirt and discussing oral sex.

“I’m gay. So, if sex is just a penis and a vagina, then I guess my boyfriend and I will never have sex,” the animated teen said while a triumphant banner read “Virgins For Life!” above.

Another video claimed that “girls get erections too.”

Much of AMAZE’s video content would likely not be permissible under several state bans on teaching about sexual education before third grade, often dubbed “Parental Rights Bills.” Children under 8 years old in states such as Florida are unable to view such content in the classroom under newly enacted state law.