‘Weak Men And Unhappy Women’: Tucker Carlson Mocks Democrats Raging Over Likely Roe Overrule

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked Democrats’ anger toward the Supreme Court majority opinion draft during Wednesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson played footage of Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren raging over the draft, declaring that Roe v. Wade needs to be codified into law and claimed Republicans have been “cultivating” Supreme Court justices.

“‘I’m so angry,’ she says, her voice breaking. ‘I’ve never heard you so angry,’ says the deeply sympathetic reporter. ‘I’m more angry than I’ve ever been.’ Of course she is! Angry is what she is. Elizabeth Warren is angry full-time. She’s angry and bodied and that way she is the perfect standard bearer for her party. The party of weak men and unhappy women. The party of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The hallmark? Irrational and enraged and also, by the way, dangerous because irrational and enraged people are by definition dangerous.”

The Daily Caller co-founder played footage posted by Twitter account Libs of TikTok showing footage of Roe v. Wade supporters threatening to start rioting, “mayhem” in the streets, and “burning” old white men to the ground. (RELATED: Dem Outrage Over Like Roe Overrule Fueled By Abortion Lobby Cash)

“Weak men and unhappy women. That’s the party right there. And also, by the way, people who commit violence but when they commit violence it’s not insurrection, it’s not a threat to our democracy, it’s just taking to the streets and expressing yourself. Even if you set fires and rush into state legislatures and the Capitol buildings. Not insurrection. Because the new rules are if you agree with the regime you can do whatever you want and if you don’t, you go to jail.”

Los Angeles protesters surrounded two police vehicles on Tuesday night, then a handful began screaming at the officers. One protester called an officer a “punk” as he escaped back into his vehicle.

“We’re watching government by tantrum. It’s what we’ve had for quite some time,” Carlson said. “You’ve got to give these children what they want or they scream and kick and bite. They go crazy. They’re so angry, as Elizabeth Warren said.”

He then said this type of behavior amongst the left has been an ongoing phenomenon, from burning public buildings or looting stores. The host showed photographs of Yale Law School students protesting the reported decision by writing on the campus sidewalk with chalk with statements criticizing the institutions and labeling the decision as “fascism.”

“All you fascists [are] bound to lose!” one student wrote.

“Fuck Fed SOC,” wrote another.

“Dobbs is Yale’s fault,” one wrote. “Fuck Alito.”

Carlson laughed at the student’s calling the decision “fascism,” as Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the drafted opinion that the issue of abortion should be left for the citizens in each state to decide on.

“So you know how this works,” Carlson continued. “They don’t want to have an argument, they want you to shut up. This isn’t a colloquy, it’s a soliloquy, it’s just them talking. No dissent allowed. You’re talking is disinformation and if you persist in the talking, they’ll go after you.”